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About Us

Isheva group of companies has over twenty years’ experience in Enterprise Application Software, Services and Support. We strongly believe in developing long-term, successful relationships with clients, as building a solid, professional service translates into mutually beneficial engagements. Backed by years of hands on experience and continuous innovation, the team at Isheva is able to assist clients in developing comprehensive business strategies and solutions.

Isheva at a Glance

Isheva Canada serves all of its clients each and every day, including small, medium and large corporations, in a large variety of business sectors including but not limited to Public Sector, Media and Telecommunications and Financial Services. The services offered fall into the broad categories of consulting,application development, business process outsourcing, technology outsourcing, technology integration, temporary staffing and permanent placement.

How We Do It

Whether tasked by a government department or corporate business function, Isheva prides itself with the ability to understand the underlying drivers within an organization. Then we efficiently integrate a quality-driven technology solution that solves the problem.

We do this by employing a team of passionate Analysts, Architects and Engineers with the accredited technical skills required and appropriate industry knowledge and experience needed.

Isheva’s key differentiator is our ability to solve our customer’s problems with a relentless commitment to Quality First. We constantly remind ourselves that Technology is a tool to enable better Processes, not the other way around.

Simply put, Isheva solves Business and Government challenges with Integrated Technology.

Our comprehensive Center of Excellence (CoE) is built not just with the latest tools and training, but especially in our ability to attract Subject Matter Experts who or the best in their area of expertise. These SMEs not only have the expertise and knowledge but they are incredibly adept at supporting our onsite consultants quickly and reliably. This is what makes our unique SME/Onsite Consultant Model so successful.

And we are truly GLOBAL in nature, incorporated with brick-and-mortar offices across three different time zones in North America and Overseas. We truly do work 24/7, seven days a week. So when the TECHNOLOGY wolf is at your doorstep you can sleep well knowing we are on alert for you to tackle it.